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So why "coaching?" Because Lisa is not just a trainer... she coaches her clients through complete lifestyle transformations. A coach listens, guides, asks questions, challenges you, helps you explore and discover your own answers. A trainer simply prescribes a workout plan and directs you in implementing it. Most people need more than just a prescribed plan - they need help with mindset, personal responsibility, overcoming limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns and support and encouragement to keep moving forward.  With over 20 years of experience in health, fitness, and wellness, Lisa is a true professional who knows what it takes to get you results so you can live a happy, healthy, balanced life!

Work with the Best

Lisa English was awarded the Best of the East Award for her signature metabolic training methods. These metabolic principles are the same ones that helped Lisa to get in the best shape of her life in less time and allowed her to find balance in her quest for health and fitness.  Lisa has used these same metabolic workouts, along with sound nutrition and a focus on balancing hormones, to help hundreds of women (and men!) to discover their own recipe for a healthy, happy and balanced life.