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6 Things You Need For a Happy, Healthy, Balanced Life!

  • by Coach Lisa
  • December 24, 2016
Hi There!

It’s Lisa here and I wanted to share some tips with you as we head into 2017.

First, have you taken stock of your 2016? What were your successes? What were your challenges? Any setbacks? (I had my fair share!) As you reflect on how you feel about your 2016 and prepare to step into a new year, I want you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I happy with myself and my life right now?
  • Am I healthy right now (physically, mentally, emotionally, financially)?
  • Am I living a balanced life right now?
  • Am I where I want to be right now? (in life, career, relationships, finances, etc.)


It’s important for us to reflect on our journeys up to this point, but even more importantly, we have to get honest and clear on where we are and how we feel right now!

Why? Because right now is all we have!

Now onto my message… 6 Things You Need To Live a Happy, Healthy, Balanced Life!

1.) A Success Mindset – What is a success mindset? Well it begins with the belief that you are valuable and worthy and that you matter! A success mindset is a way of thinking that is focused on possibilities, solutions, and taking action. A success mindset does not have room for negative self talk, self-doubt, self-sabotage, comparison, judgment, or guilt. WHOA! Are you free of all of these success stealers?  I know I’m not 100% of the time, which is why I’ve spent years studying how to overcome limiting self beliefs and finding the best strategies and tools for helping you to do the same. If you want to have a success mindset you have to be willing to get  uncomfortable, LET GO of what isn’t serving you, reprogram your thinking to become laser focused on your goals, and adopt some patience (not my strong suit, HA!). Success is a journey and the journey is not always easy, and it most likely won’t always follow your timeline.

2.) Radical Self-Care – Do you get 7-9 hours of sleep a night? Do you have at least 30-60 minutes A DAY that are just for you? Do you allow yourself the time you need to recharge without feeling guilty? If you answered no to any of these questions, then it’s time to step up your self care. Running on empty does not serve you or those around you. You cannot give your best self if your bucket is empty. Your self care is YOUR responsibility and you don’t need anyone’s permission but your own to take care of yourself. Putting yourself first is not selfish. It actually sets you up for success and allows you to be more fully present in all the other important areas of your life (family, career, friends, etc.). Unfortunately, most of us really struggle with this important and necessary part of creating a happy, healthy, balanced life!

3.) Smart Nutrition – What you put in your body serves as the fuel for every cell and organ in your body, including your BRAIN! You cannot have a success mindset if you fill your body with crap, plain and simple. You cannot have a success mindset if you starve yourself or yo-yo diet or spend all your time feeling deprived by a boring diet. Simply put, smart nutrition is fueling your mind and body with the nutrients that will give you energy, optimize health, prevent disease, and improve performance. Smart nutrition does not have to be bland or boring. You can eat delicious foods that you enjoy AND you can still have some wine, dessert, bread or whatever your favorite indulgence is. Learning how to find balance in your daily nutrition is key if you want to get lean and enjoy a happy, healthy, balanced life.

4.) Effective Exercise – Let’s face it… the most important thing we have is our health. If we don’t have our health, then all the money, latest gadgets, designer clothes or other material things don’t really matter. It’s difficult to be fully present in our jobs, relationships, and in our day to day lives if we are sick, tired, depressed, or physically unable to meet the demands that life throws at us. Part of being healthy is being physically fit and strong – not skinny, not a size 0, not six pack abs, or a “perfect body.” Being physically fit and strong means being able to play with our children (including fur babies!), work a full day and still have the energy to take care of our homes, and enjoy being active participants in our own lives. I don’t know about you, but I want to be strong enough and fit enough to be able to travel the world and walk around some of the most beautiful cities without being in pain or lacking the energy to take in all that life has to offer. I want to  swim in the ocean, try snow-skiing at some point, walk on the beach, ride roller coasters, hike the Grand Canyon, and so much more. I have a lot of things on my bucket list and without my health and physical fitness I will not be able to check them off!  An effective exercise routine is convenient, efficient, affordable, designed by experts, and tailored to your goals and current ability level. Oh yeah, it’s also sustainable and excuse-proof!

5.) Community and Accountability – If you have ever been a part of a group of any kind – be it a sports team, a Facebook group, a weight loss group, AA or other support group – then you know first hand the power of community! We all have the need to belong and to feel valued and understood. A community of like-minded people who understand your struggles and provide support without judgment is a major component to achieving success AND sustaining that success. Being able to safely share your journey with people who have your back is one of the best parts about being a part of a community. Sometimes our friends and family simply can’t provide the support we need in certain areas and that is ok. No one person can be expected to meet every single need we have. That’s why I’ve always been a fan of joining a community of people who can help me and support me. Having a place to go when you feel defeated, or when you want to celebrate, and knowing that there are people waiting there to hear from you and lift you up is invaluable. There is a sense of accountability we feel when we are part of a group, but more importantly we learn to become accountable to ourselves!

6.) Having a Coach/Mentor – I have had more coaches and mentors in my life than I can count, starting from childhood. I count my parents, my favorite teachers, and athletic coaches among some of the first and best coaches I had in life. As an adult these people are still there for me and I am still applying the many lessons I learned from them growing up. I have continued to invest in having a coach in my corner and it has always had a 10x return on my investment. I’ve had business coaches, nutrition coaches, fitness coaches, and life coaches. The benefit for me has always been having access to the knowledge, tools, systems, and problem-solving that these people could provide for me when I needed help. We ALL need help along the way in this thing called life, and my mission as a coach is to pay it forward to YOU and be that person you can count on to walk or run beside you on your journey.  I spend every day coaching people. What does that mean? It means I meet them where they are without judgment, I listen, I respect THEIR agenda/goals, I ask powerful questions, I provide tools and resources, I encourage them to keep going, I celebrate their successes, and I help them find their own answers and solutions so they can build the confidence they need to move forward, reach higher, and continue to grow and succeed!

So Now What??

I just outlined WHAT you need to get lean and live a happy, healthy, balanced life… you’re probably wondering HOW you are supposed to get or do those things on my list!

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