Who We Are

Beyond Fitness with Lisa is a health and wellness company that is committed to providing practical and lasting solutions for your personal health and wellness needs.  Health and wellness is about more than fitness and nutrition. Our programs will do much more than just help you to lose weight, fit into your skinny jeans, look great on your wedding day, or complete your first race.  You will learn new ways of thinking about food, exercise, sleep, stress, and health. If you are ready to embrace change, overcome obstacles, discover what you are capable of, and find a REAL solution to your fitness and wellness challenges, then give Beyond Fitness with Lisa a try!  

What We Believe

  • Each individual has unique needs
  • Changing our body begins with changing our thinking
  • Balance is the key to long-lasting change
  • Fat loss is a lifestyle and can happen anywhere
  • Practice = Progress
  • No one is too busy to achieve good health
No client is too challenging! No matter how many other diets, exercise programs, or trainers you may have tried in the past, we can help you overcome your obstacles and get results!

About The Founder/Owner   

Lisa focuses on empowering individuals to achieve their optimal level of health and wellness by meeting them where they are, addressing their unique needs, and guiding them toward achieving their vision for a healthy lifestyle. Lisa believes that exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep, environment, social support, mindset, and individual biochemistry all influence one’s ability to reach his or her optimal level of wellness; therefore, she takes all of these into consideration when working with clients. Lisa  educates her clients on how all of these factors are interrelated and can have a strong impact on whether or not clients achieve results, regardless if their goal is weight loss, increased muscle, improved fitness, increased energy or general improvement in health status. Lisa has two advanced degrees including a M.A. Ed and a M.S. in Health Promotion and Education.  Lisa is a certified health and wellness coach and personal trainer and a member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association, the world’s largest association for health and fitness professionals.  In addition, Lisa is also a former figure competitor.  Lisa’s passion is guiding individuals closer to a life of health and wellness; she strives to help others to achieve not just their fitness and wellness goals, but ultimately to help them live the life they want. Lisa’s approach to wellness goes BEYOND FITNESS and focuses on lifestyle modifications for sustainable results.  Her specialties include: metabolic training, hormonal approach to fat loss, nutrition, and exercise; and wellness coaching and behavior change psychology.