The Best Seafood Recipes and Fish Recipes Are Very Healthy and Taste Great

The Best Seafood Recipes and Fish Recipes Are Very Healthy and Taste Great- How would you like to spice up your dinner menu while adding nutrition, variety, and flavor to the meal? Seafood in the form of fish and shellfish will do just that.

As an added bonus the nutritional value of seafood is well documented. It is hard to come up with a more healthy food than fish! Fish is a great food to get a daily dose of high quality protein, and it also comes jam packed with minerals, such as iron, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, copper, and potassium. But it doesn’t stop there…Most fish also come with some essential B vitamins!

If your on a diet then the next bit of “fish” news will have you doing back flips in the water. Fish have very little sodium and because fish are low in fat and low in calories, they make a superb menu item to use when putting together meals for low sodium and low calorie diets.

Did you know that there are over 240 different varieties of fish or shellfish for you to choose from when planning a meal? Now that is what I call variety. You never have to worry about not being able to find fish at your local grocery store. Some fish are seasonal and come and go during the year, but there is always plenty of fresh, frozen, and canned fish that are available 365 days a year.

Fish is a wonderful food to work with in the kitchen. It is not only nutritious, but it also has a delicate flavor that blends with with most other foods. The soft and tender texture of fish goes extremely well with the crispness of a salad, relish, or vegetable.

Seafood also wears many different hats! It doesn’t just have to be the main course. It can be yummy appetizer, a scrumptious soup, a tasty salad, or even a gourmet sandwich.

Fish cooks very fast so it comes in handy for people that work all day, have kids to take of, but still need to provide nutritious and delicious meals at lunch and dinner time. You should combine fish with other foods that are mild in flavor and won’t overpower the delicate taste of the fish.

Fish and all seafood recipes makes for a delicious meal that is also very healthy to eat.

Cake Mixers – Choosing the Right One for your Mixing Needs!

Are you shopping for the Best Cake Mixers?

Then, you’ve come to the right place. In this page you will find a brief (and hopefully, helpful!) write-up on the different types of Cake Mixers that are in the market these days.

There are 3 types of Mixers:

  • Stand Mixers.
  • Hand Mixers.
  • Wand Mixers.

Stand Mixers

Stand Mixers are the most expensive in the category. The high-end ones are used in professional kitchens and look really good!

The two popular ones are products by KitchenAid and Cuisinart.

If your specific requirement is basic mixing, then you can opt for the standard mixers which include the flat beater, wire whisk and dough hook.

Even the most basic and standard of Stand Mixers can accomplish tasks like mixing pancake batter, whisking eggs a lot faster than if done manually.

If you require one for more labour-intensive tasks like kneading dough for bread,for example, you will get more mileage if you get a more powerful (and expensive!) stand mixer.

It will also make your work that much faster as it’ll take literally minutes and you won’t break a sweat!
Power is important when choosing a stand mixer. For standard models, the range typically available in the market is between 250 and 450 watts of power. More powerful and high-end stand mixers can have up to 1,000 watts of power.
Most Mixers have varying speeds which range from 0 to up to 12 speed settings.

Stand Mixers are also more expensive and if you do not bake every day, it’s best to choose between the other 2 categories. But hey, that’s merely a suggestion…so if you really must have that funky, sleek and shiny KitChenAid, go ahead and indulge..

Hand Mixers

These are the common type of Cake Mixers used in household kitchens. They are easy-to-assemble and clean, functional and most importantly, you don’t need to break the bank to purchase one!Hand Mixers come in limited speeds. Most households have both a Stand Mixer and Hand Mixers; the former for major jobs like mixing cookie dough while the latter for less tedious jobs like mixing batter.

Wand Mixers

These are the most basic of mixers. It’s easy to store and takes up little storage space. I use my Wand Mixer for blending soups and smoothie. The brand I use is Braun.

For purposes of making a smooth, creamy soup, use a Wand Mixer as there is no need to transfer the soup from the pot to a blender. Merely, use the wand mixer and blend away directly in the pot or bowl you’ve placed your ingredients. Really easy!

If the pot is on the fire, please switch off the stove and let the pot cool for ten minutes before using the Wand Mixer.

Necessary Baking Equipment in any Self-Respecting Kitchen!

In order to make even the most basic of cakes, some Baking Equipment are absolutely necessary.

You require good ,b>Baking Equipment but it does not necessarily have to be expensive. You do not require all sort of gadgets and tools which will collect dust and take up space in your cabinet.

You require a good oven for starters and some pans, cake tins and baking sheets.

Here an idiot-proof guide to getting some basic but essential equipment and tools to stock an empty fear not!


I use a gas oven and have made cakes in electric and convection ovens.

Temperatures may differ from oven to oven, so it is best that you check the operating manual of your oven to ensure your cakes and breads come out perfectly.

You many use the temperatures specified in the recipes in this website as a guide, though!

I have not used a microwave ovens for purposes of baking as I’m an old-school advocate of gas, convection and electric ovensCake Pans/B>Cake Pans come in various shapes and sizes. The Cake Pans I use are generally do not have a non-stick coating as such, I grease them by brushing butter or sunflower oil on the pans before pouring the cake mixture into the cake pans.

The following pans can be substituted for each other as they have almost the same capacity although you will need to adjust the temperature/cooking time of the oven accordingly.

– 20 cm ring pan

– 14cm X 21cm loaf pan

– 20cm baba pan

– deep 20cm round cake pan – this is mostly commonly used to bake fruit cakes.

– 2 X 8cm X 26cm bar pans.
Other basic pans Loaf Tins

This can be purchased in most good baking appliances store in various shapes and sizes. Loaf Tins are used for baking breads and tea breads.Rectangular cake tin/i>

This is used to make cakes that are cut into slices as the cake will be shallow but large. This cake tin can also be used for making cakes and bake recipes that require layering of cakes/sponges between icing/frosting.Ring Moulds

This is used for making ring-shaped cakes (including this Bengkang recipe) and angel cakes.

Square cake tins

These are most commonly used cake tins for making square cakes that are cut into slices.

Other Baking Equipment

– Wooden Spoons

You will require these in order to mix ingredients for creaming purposes for cakes, icings and frostings.

You can find these in any supermarket or specialty baking equipment store and it comes in various sizes.

– Weighing Scales

You cannot bake anything without a weighing scale! Its an absolute essential.

I have two in my kitchen…one small one that is portable, easy-to-clean and mobile and a large one for those massive cupcakes bakes.

The small one may be portable but I’m yet to take along with me anywhere else…so you’re better just having a medium-sized one in your kitchen.

– Non-stick Baking Paper

You need these for lining cake tins and baking sheets when baking cookies, biscuits and meringues.