Banana Cake Recipes – Yummy and Easy

Here’s a page with a chockful of delicious, wonderful recipes for Banana Cakes!

Over-ripe Bananas can be used to make cakes as it lends a nice, rich flavor to the cake. I tend to make Banana Cakes when I have too many over-ripe bananas lying around in the kitchen.Bananas tend to ripen very fast in humid tropical weather where I live!

I’m sure most of us has had that problem, so instead of throwing away those delicious nutrition-rich fruits, I suggest adding them to Cakes and Desserts by using these easy recipes. Bananas go extremely well with nuts and/or sour cream frosting.So for a healthier alternative, I usually add nuts and seeds in the Cake itself or use it as topping.

It’ll give the Cake a nice crunchy taste and goes very well with the rich flavor. It is best to use brown or muscovado sugar in Banana Cake Recipes.

Brown sugar has a rich, caramel flavor while Muscovado sugar has a rich, full flavor. Both go very well with cakes and puddings that use fruits. Plus, both have a deep, dark color and gives fruit cakes a golden color and rich aroma which is ever so tempting.

And the gorgeous, rich aroma wafting through the kitchen as the cake bakes….completely irresistible : Moist Banana Cake Recipe.

Here’s a low-fat and simple chocolate cake recipe with a twist…bananas added to give it that results in a nice, rich taste…Delicious Low-Fat Banana Chocolate Cake.

Also, do check out this traditional Malaysian-style Cake recipes called Bengkang Pisang. I’ve included 2 recipes– Bengkang Pisang Version 1 and Bengkang Pisang Version 2.